Tetracycline Hcl Oily Skin

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Big Head Studio is proud to present a complete line of sideshow construction plans.  The Studio has been building custom props for years, and has decided to put this expertise to good use.  Now complete plans are available to guide you in designing, constructing, painting these classics of the side show.


The first in the series is "The Disembodied Head"


    This set of plans covers all aspects of design and construction  with 16 pages jam packed with information, photos, tips, tricks and drawings.  As an added bonus it including a small section on banner painting complete with artwork ready to be scaled up for your use.  The booklet is printed on heavy paper and spiral bound so it will lie flat and it has a clear plastic protective cover making it the perfect workshop companion.

   This Booklet is intended to be more than a simple explanation of the illusion.  We have made every attempt to provide you with a complete working document with step by step instructions

   A complete set of plans for this classic sideshow illusion can be had for only $27 (including shipping)


 I accept money orders, or payment through pay-pal. 










coming soon: plans for the girl in the fish bowl, the headless woman, and other classics from the sideshow

















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