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    What sort of fun do we have while working events?.. well we tend to work our asses off selling our goods, and sometimes we get a little "punchy", from the long hours.  Leah and I were chatting with our friend Monk, from Twisted Monk,  (makers of fine Hemp Rope) and that is when things got interesting.

.... here is a  Blog excerpt from Monk

Friday, June 10, 2005

Operation Biscuit Dip

I volunteered to be the stunt butt for a latex bondage class. Well “volunteer” is probably not the right word. I was more dared to do it or was it challenged? Scott and his girlfriend from Big Head Studio were complaining about the lack of boy bits for their demo and when she declared “I don’t think there are any men at this convention with the stones to do that!” Well I just had to defend the honor of my fellow men.

And “ stunt butt” is wrong too. They wanted to paint my scrotom and penis in liquid latex.

Now I said that I would do it on 2 conditions.
First condition, I get to bring my own “celebrity dipper”
Second condition? “I get to tie up your girlfriend”
I should mention that every rope top in the convention had been trying to get their meaty man paws on this high-energy cutie. Many had tried, so far all had failed

Do you have any idea how many flirtations per mile you can get in when armed with the line, “So tomorrow I’m getting my biscuits dipped and we need a guest dipper. Interested?”

When I told the line to Midori she fixed me with that gaze of her’s and with a raised brow said, “If I were not booked at IML tomorrow morning….” While the idea of having the grand dame of kink that close to my bits was charming, I think in hindsight this is probably a good thing.

Who did get the honor? Well when word got out that I was looking for a dipper, there were more than a few who volunteers. The winner? A hot, sweet girl named Ivy.

So what is it like to get your boy bits dipped in liquid latex? Cold mostly. I had shaved recently so there was a wee bit of sting but not much. (Note to folks who are interested, one should wait at least 18 hours after shaving before applying said latex) Sweet Ivy took extra care to apply lots and lots of lotion to the area before the paint went on, so that probably helped.
Now did I mention that she applied a near CRIMINAL amount of lotion?

Once the base coat was dry I offered my bits up for further painting and inspection, should anyone else want to play with the paints. No, this was not because I wanted a large number of random cuties to paint my now latexed bits, no never! Now get your minds out of the gutter! No this was purely for educational purposes! However one girl did write her e-mail address in latex on my thigh….

Here is an interesting bit for you. Once dry, you can wear latex for quite a long time. In fact I donned my kilt and took the Strumpet (a charming British girl, complete with a south London accent) out for coffee and negotiated a takedown scene with her in the hotel coffee shop. What did it feel like? I would describe it as “Passive CBT”, see latex will shrink by 1-2% so you are aware that there is something on your body and it is applying pressure. Not bad pressure, but pressure none the less. The odd part was when Strumpet gave off that “blood in the water” scent during our negotiation and well… well I responded by getting erect. Or at least as erect as one can get when their cock and balls are encased in several coats of latex.

And how was removal you ask? Easy. I wore it for several hours with no problems, till I found myself needing to answer nature’s call. A quick pull (thanks again it Ivy for her extra attention to the pre latex lotion coat) and the entire thing came off looking like a deflated balloon.

As for the other condition? Well that, dear readers, is a tale for another day.


to read more of the Monk blog click here

Be sure to visit Twisted Monk, the source for hand conditioned hemp rope.  

and just a little note,  it is true that Mr. Monk is one sexy bastard, but he did not manage to tie up my girl... that is just sick and perverted, and we wouldn't stand for that !









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