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Cheap Avodart Online (Avodart), Avodart Price In Pakistan - bigheadstudio.com

 Please give us a call and let us know what you need, and we will put together a package to suit you at a fair price. 


Brass Body Contact Probe $20   NO PHOTO

  Body Contact Cable $40  This is the essential accessory for your Violet Wand Kit.  With this cable connecting either you or your victim to the wand, you can use your hands or any conductive toy to draw sparks to or from your victim.  Favorite toys to use:  Tinsel off of the Christmas tree, a butter knife, banjo picks, our Maxi-Saw,  The list goes on limited only by your imagination.  Our Cables are Spark Gapped for safety and feature a large insulated rubber boot for a better grip and protection on the wand end, and a large flat aluminum pad to make plenty of firm contact on the human end for a better, more dispersed electrical connection, limiting hot spots.  The cable itself is insulated in a clear rubber coating allowing you to view the metal within.  All in all this is one sexy toy !

  Light Bulb adapter  "Edison Base" Base $35  With our Edison Adapter you can use any standard base light bulb as a violet wand electrode!  Our Light Bulb Adapters are "Spark GAp Isolated" and built to exacting standards using thick walled brass tubing and special tooling to ensure no need for dangerous "set screws" to hold the insert in.


   Light Bulb adapter  Candelabra Base $35.With our Candelabra Adapter you can use any candelabra base light bulb as a violet wand electrode!   We are the only company manufacturing a candelabra based  bulb adapter.  Our Light Bulb Adapters are "Spark GAp Isolated" and built to exacting standards using thick walled brass tubing and special tooling to ensure no need for dangerous "set screws" to hold the insert in.


  "Edison" to "Candelabra" adapter  $10  This adapter converts a standard Edison bulb adapter for use with Candelabra sized bulbs.  Simply screw this adapter into an Edison based adapter and then insert any Candelabra based bulb into it.



Eddison adapter shown with bulb                     Candelabra adapter shown with bulb






Mylar Scratcher - like a million bee stings $25 NO PHOTO

Super Light Weight Body Contact $25 NO PHOTO

Retractable Nerve Brush $20 This is one of my favorite tools for use with a contact probe or cable.  You can smack with it, tap , or drag over the skin of you bottom.  Each wire will shoot tiny sparks as it passes over your victim.  And don't forget these toys retract into the handle for safe storage and transport.  I think these toys are best used in pairs so i offer a better price when you buy two for $30



Nickel Silver Picks / talons        5 for $10 

Every kit needs a set of Banjo Picks. This set of 5  talons does not need to be sharp to elicit a response form your bottom.  When used with a body contact probe or cable you will have tiny points of electricity zapping from your finger tips.  This is quite the attention getter.  



Antenna $25  This small antenna extends to give you a long reach when training your pet.  It is securely housed in a spark gap isolated brass base, making it safe to plug directly into your wand for maximum effect.  We are the only company making this accessory.  NO PHOTO

Mini- Saw $15 This little toy is beyond deceiving.   what looks like a small cane for smacking is in reality a devious tool intended to be drawn across the victims body as one would pull a bow across a cello.  The more gentle the touch the more exquisite the sound coming from your instrument !

Maxi-Saw -a 31 inch version of the Mini-Saw  NO PHOTO  $25


Ball Chain Flogger  NO PHOTO


  Outlet Tester   $10  This item is a must to be sure that the outlet  you choose to plug into is wired correctly

bulletDetects faulty wiring condition in 3-Wire 110-125V AC receptacles.
bulletColor-coded indicator lights.
bulletDetects common wiring problems in standard outlets.



 E-mail Scott@BigHeadStudio or you can call me directly to discuss your needs 401 465 6829





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