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Disembodied Head


Here is your chance to add a Big Head Studio original to your side show exhibit.

something new from the studio...    we are now producing sideshow props, or "gaffs" in assorted flavors and styles...   we have a Fiji Mermaid, a cast of a Sasquach footprint, famous tumors ,  giant hair balls and Vampire killing kits, in the works as well.


Pickled Punks

    More accurately, "Bouncers" , (but they don't bounce.. ) these high quality freak baby reproductions are made from a custom blend of waxes to simulate the Pickled look of a dead freak child.  The forgotten children,  the children of the drug culture, the spawn of Satan,  whatever you call them,  they are sure to raise a few eyebrows, and spur a few protests if you are lucky..   Shown here is  the first in the series, the 2 faced child.  Please check back often to see his brothers.  the photos shown below are of a rough casting,  the finished "Punk" will have the famous "Big Head Studio, hand punched, eyelashes of doom"

    Being that this reproduction is wax, not latex, or urethane,  you can feel free to alter them by carving or by application of gentle heat.

    This little guy measures 9-1/2 inches from tip of toes to top of his little head.  and is too wide to fit in a gallon pickle jar..  just stuff him in a big jar, with a drop of food coloring, and a few shreds of wet toilet paper for added floating nastiness,  and you have a perfect addition to your collection of freaks

    The price for this handsome freak??   in its unfinished state, as shown, is $150.  .. the price for a finished Punk, is $300, the punk will be trimmed, and polished , with a delicate row of eyelashes punched into is cute little head.  this origional wax "pull" has been sold and there will be no more made !


COMING SOON:   "flipper children",  "worm boy", a scrawnier "two faced girl", and friends.

the new series of "kids" will be roto- cast in resin.. 

Freak Skulls

coming soon, photos of two all new freak fetus skulls. 

 presented here will be a cyclopic skull as well as the skull of a fetus suffering from mongoloidism.


Presented here for the first time the Skull of a Siamese Fetus















There Creepy  were joined together at the top of their heads.  This awkward joining of two lives, ended abruptly in spontaneous abortion, July 9th 1904.  Matthew, and Scott are presented here, perched on a  custom Brass stand safely displayed within a 5 inch glass dome.  The base is lined with deep red velvet.


 Note: the mandible for the top half is not shown in the above photos,  it is included .



These little freaks of nature (to the left), are a two faced girl.. you know the type.. tells you she loves you then, then lies to your face.   If this freak had lived, she surly would have broken your heart,  Kathy, and Kath are available .. immediately.. get her out of here... 




  Fully painted, and mounted as shown,


(You can choose either the grey-ish or the tan-ish finish on the skulls)


The skulls come are roto- cast  from a one piece mold, in durable plastic resin, these are not 2 store purchased skulls cemented together, this is one unit,  so there is never any worry of putty chipping , or flaking off to expose the seam. 


Hi Scott! I received the girls today and LOVE them! they are phenomenal. I have put your site in favorites. I intend to get the 3 eyed skull eventually as well. that one is life size? Have you thought of doing microcephalic skulls ,you know such as zip the what is it or schlitzie the pin head? that'd be great too. I'm glad I discovered your auctions. great work, keep it up~


...You have an incredible talent with these skulls & I am thrilled with my 'girls' THANK YOU.

 hearse hugs~ Tink

Brightest Green Blessings!
~the Tinker~





 Presented here for your education, and amazement , 

The Skull of Jules Andre' Goffinette.  


Jules was born to a poor family  just south of Paris, France on July 9, 1804.  At birth it was apparent that Jules had a facial deformity,  but the full extent of it was not known to the local community for the first 3 years of Jules's  life.  The young boy was hidden from neighboring  families, in an effort not only to protect the child, but the family as well.  His Parents feared that once the community knew what "monstrosity" had been born into them, they would be shunned by the locals and forced to abandon the family property.  The deceit on the locals went so far as to stage a burial for the son within a week of his birth.  Jules lived in secrecy on the family farm until his third year when he was discovered by the local priest, making an un unannounced visit on the family.  

        "Gods Mistake" was reported to the local church officials, and the family was told that he would be taken to be studied in Paris.  The details of the next 10 years are unclear,  what is known is that Jules was never studied at university,  in fact he was locked away in the with the Monks of St. Louis, and given a basic education.

        The Abby burned to the ground in 1818. Unable to care for Jules, the monks sent him to the city to earn his way in the world.  Jules wandered Paris for 4 months, begging for scraps of food, and sleeping in the gutter. 

    A ward of the street, Jules was persuaded to join a traveling circus, and soon found himself making  a handsome living exhibiting himself, and traveling the world.

    Jules possessed vision in his right and center eye, the left eye was nearly blind, and he often wore an eye patch when not exhibiting himself. although his speech was slurred, Jules was fluent in 4 languages, and had a perfect mind.

    Jules fathered 7 children, on 3 continents, before his death at the age of 56, on January 13, 1860.  It was his wish that upon his death, his bones would be preserved to carry on the life in the business that rescued him from a sure death in the streets of Paris.


        The Studio is now producing custom "freak skulls" roto- cast from one of a kind moulds, in durable plastic resin.  The one shown here is a slightly asymmetrical 3 eyed man.  these are not 2 store purchased skulls cemented together, this is one unit,  so there is never any worry of putty chipping , or flaking off to expose the seam. 

    The skulls come  from a one piece mold, that minimizes the seams associated with cheaper skull models.  The mold seam runs up the back of one skull and across horizontally to the other,  and are rather inconspicuous.  It is impossible , from these angles to see the mold line as it is well hidden in the back. 


    Coming Soon: photographs, and "pitch cards" from Jules' time with the side show.



    Check back often as new skulls are in the works.



the Shrunken Head... 

    Created by one of the most primitive societies known to man, The Shuar tribe , members of the Jivaro clan from deep in the Ecuadorian Amazon.  These trophies of war,  were created to celebrate a victory over an enemy.  

    The loosing combatant would have his head removed by the victor, the skin would first be carefully peeled from the flesh and bone,  then boiled for several hours...  this now partially shrunken head, would then be filled first with hot stones,  then with hot sand as the head shrinks further.  Once the shrinking process had been completed, the leathery skin was smoked over a fire to preserve it further,  and it was polished with still warm ash from the fire.

    The heads presented here were collected by Captain Ceasar Ereio on an expedition to the Amazon in 1813,  sponsored by  the Lisbon museum of natural history.  The expedition was ambushed by tribesman on the Peruvian border.  Although outnumbered, the members of the expedition fought valiantly,  until they were able to escape to the river.  Captain Ereio along with 14 of his men were lost to the savages.  

    The 3 surviving  members, returned to Portugal but refused to hand over the artifacts out of respect for surviving family members.  The Heads spent the next 36 years in storage with family members, then were sold to an antiquities dealer in the United States.  The shrunken heads spent several years on loan to the great P.T. Barnum's American Museum and were luckily returned to their owner just days before fire destroyed the museum in 1865.  

    The Heads passed between several owners over the next 60 years, finally ending up with my great grandfather and his traveling Museum of Natural Wonders.  They have been in the family since.

    It is with great respect for the history before them,  I  present here for you, the Lost Heads of the Shuar



    This is a crappy blow up of the shot,  but you can see that there is a "hand punched" hairline, eyebrows, and eye lashes..  if i had a better shot you could see a few hairs from the nose, as well as around 30 stray beard hairs poking through the chin.. 


.. The castings are a dark leathery color,  with an "ashy" wash over them to age them nicely.. it is the irregular residue left on them from the plaster molds.. and can be washed off,  but i think it looks great as is.. 




These are duplicate latex castings pulled from my original molds..  there are at the moment two different castings,  with a third on the way.  The finished product above was made from the casting on the left..  the finished model shown below was made from the casting on the right.. the one on the right is a bit fatter, with a great hanging lower lip, that looks perfect when tied with twine...  the nose is also thicker... this design looks more "African",  and the one on the left looks more "Asian"  (and NO that is not a slur,  just a simple description of what they look like.. ) although it is hard to tell from the photo, they look rather different, and are clearly not the same.. .. they are made from a high solid content , pigmented latex (no paint to peel).  The castings are thick walled, so they hold shape, and the thick walls are excellent at retaining the individually punched hair without added adhesive.  the "skin" resembles old polished leather.




These castings are for sale for $25 each or two for $45

.. Finished shrunken heads complete with natural hemp lip tie, Conure feathers, beaded necklace, and a full head of hair, with individual eye lashes, brows, and hairline punched through the skin are available for $175.

.. Each Head will be a one of a kind artwork with slight variations to the theme depending on the whimsy of the moment. !!

BIGFOOT (cast)

its the conclusive proof that bigfoot exists..
.. this is the first prototype Sasquach print...  I have a technique that actually shows imbedded soil and plant matter only on the surface, as if the print was taken in the field....   the print itself is almost 16 inches... and it would be a damn sexy addition to your cabinet of curiosities.

call for a price !



please check back often to see what's new at the studio.. and feel free to contact me with special requests..




P.S.  money is so tacky.. I'm always interested in a fun barter.. try me


   .... check out the main site to see other work from the studio


















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