What Price Are Augmentin Duo In Ireland

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 the Girshwin Hotel 


    Steven Speliotis and I were invited to present an evening of Sensual rope, and latex bondage at the Girshwin Hotel in NYC on October 7, 2003.  







Steven is shown here demonstrating a rather unorthodox method of hanging the laundry on the line to dry.. 


Here we have Steven tying up the lovely "Goddess Sophia".  You can see more of the "goddess" on the "Royal Amusements" page..



This is some random couple that attended the event.. perhaps the cutest couple in the room... she was a little shy about getting painted, but was more than happy to paint her Boyfriend.  The "Dog" makes me happy






This Sexy Creature is "Tomiko", she was kind enough to volunteer for a quick latex demo.. she is sexy, animated, and a joy to work with ..   if you would like to hire her for a modeling assignment,  just visit her, on her site www.Tomiko1.com



Tienne, is fun, sexy, sassy, and a little goofy, all rolled up into one ..she just couldnt keep herself from the fun.. honest.. she was just coming to the event to watch..  I'm not sure how her top came off.. Tienne is just the most fun to work with.. if you would like to book her ( or her Sexy Toes) for an assignment, visit her One Model Place profile: http://www.onemodelplace.com/model_list.cfm?ID=57410   or visit her personal web site TiennesWorld.com  

Brandy, and "Goddess" were tied together by Steven,  and I'm not sure how it started.. but.. they got into a cat fight..  notice the high tear strength, and elastomeric properties of Big Head Studio brand Liquid Latex...(quit staring at the boobs !)

for some reason Steven thinks the girls need his help here... 

...trust me!  As president of the Superfluous Boys Club, i know the truth,   ... these girls are all set by themselves.















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