Propranolol 20 Mg And Amitryptiline 10 Mg Together

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    A few weeks ago I was contacted by a writer from the Boston / Providence Phoenix.  She asked me to put pen to paper, and regale them with a sordid tale of summer lust... they called me a "notable local" ..I'm easily flattered.  So being the media whore that I am , I couldn't refuse..  (as long as they didn't forget to publish the web address) 

    May 30, 2003  the Providence Phoenix published this stunning bit of journalism.  Hell they needed something to  fill the pages between the advertisements in this "advertising supplement". 


ok,  so they liked my story enough to publish it...  so why did they butcher it ?  The editing sucks,  I think its a far better story as written,  so in the interest of journalistic integrity,  and bashing the writer at the phoenix,  Ill reprint the original text... 

 Reno Nevada, August 2, 2002,  ...But Its a dry heat !
    I was selling sex toys at a swingers convention in Reno ( as all good smut stories should start ), and it was hot!  How hot?  .... NEVADA HOT !!!  After spending my day demonstrating a new piece of "sex furniture", dry humping a sexy assistant  until we were both drenched is sweat,  I found myself invited to an orgy.  My first orgy, and when I say "orgy" we are talking about a tangled knot of human flesh.  There were at least 40 people twisted and writhing in a single pile,  I know,  I counted. 
    What was I thinking, an orgy... my first orgy?  Must have been the heat !?   I had to go,  it was a polite invitation on a little printed card, room 605.  It was the right thing to do, after 16 years of monogamy, I needed sex with a stranger.  I had something to prove!
    The love of my life had dumped me a week earlier, crushed, could I even get it up with another woman?   So in the foolish "high school" sort of way, where your dick leads, I had to follow..   (who am I kidding,  I would let it drive if it could reach the peddles). 
     Room 605 reeked of sex in every possible way...  the noises, the scent, the heavy breathing...  the naked people, were my first clue!   They were like kinky French fries under the heat lamp at McDonalds, twisted in the oily warmth.   Damn the heat!
   I was sort of sucked into the mass of, dare I say it, "SWINGERS".   And yes I got it up, hell he got himself up, as if driving from memory and I were along for the ride.  Heat be damned, I was going for it!   Pretty eyes, and a little ego stroking, ...I'm easy.  
    When the ride was over, and she was done making the yippee noise she said, "thanks", and "hi, my name is Christy", in that order.      Was it good?  Was it worth it?  I still don't know,  but its something that I'm trying to figure out.
    ...And did I mention this was "August in Reno Hot"..

Scott Bonelli
makers of fine sex toys, and spanky treats !








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