Elavil 10 Mg For Tension Headaches

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Cheap Amitriptyline No Prescription (Elavil), Elavil 10 Mg For Tension Headaches - bigheadstudio.com

All electrodes are available in both red and traditional violet

Please note that these Cheap Amitriptyline No Prescription (Elavil), Elavil 10 Mg For Tension Headaches - bigheadstudio.com are Custom made for Big Head Studio to exacting standards in the correct size for American made Violet Wands.  Note these are not sized to fit cheap import wands

Rectal      red $35/  purple $30

  Spiral red $45/  purple $40

Branding       red $35/  purple $30

Small Mushroom        red $35/  purple $ 30

large mushroom   ( same as above but with a larger head)    red $35/  purple $ 30

Neck      red $35/   purple  $30

Ear  (and other holes) red $35/  purple $ 30

Vaginal     red $35/  purple $ 30

Gingival / clit        red $30/   purple $ 25

comb  No Photo       red $35/  purple $ 30

We are offering up a special price to our customers: 

Buy a  complete set of any color, and ill lower the price by $40, ill also throw in a FREE light bulb adapter, and FREE shipping.
Buy any 4 of any color, and ill lower the price by $20,  and FREE shipping.

"Light Saber" $35 or $40 specify long or short.  Its a long fluorescent tube retrofitted into a spark gap isolated  brass insert, so it can be plugged into the wand directly.  The entire length of the electrode is perfect for broad surfaces, while the nasty metal tip can be used as a cattle prod !  We are the only company making this accessory.  We can do MUCH longer  light sabers, just call for a price.



Pointy Bastard  $20  This is perhaps the nastiest electrode we carry.  This aluminum electrode is spark gap isolated for safe use inserted directly into the wand. 



We also have a fantastic light bulb adapter that allows you to use any standard lightbulb as an electrode for $35   See the accessories page

These pages will be updated shortly with new photos of several exclusive new glass electrode designs., but for now Please give us a call and let us know what you need, and we will put together a package to suit your needs at a fair price. 

You can e-mail Scott@BigHeadStudio or you can call me directly to discuss your needs 401 465 6829







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