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Big Head Studio is now producing custom  butt plugs, and dildos, crafted from clear acrylic and aluminum.

    This new toy is called NINE, because I know its not easy being nine.....   it is a custom piece for a special friend.   Made it special for her this evening!  It is divided into 9 sections by nice little grooves,  that should make life fun !!!  (shown a little larger than actual size)

        This custom piece (right) was designed to alleviate the stress associated with an Ivy League education..  so we will call this style the "Graduate".

    .. Oh sure it cant replace the "boot in the ass", known as "reality".. but it is a pleasant distraction.. 

    The Big Head is happy to work with colored acrylic, but it is a pain in the ass, and it will cost ya'.

    The "Graduate" is shown almost actual size (approximately 1-1/4 inches thick at the widest part)




You kinky folks have been asking for "something larger" for a few years, and I have finally listened.  I have gone against my better judgment and pushed the limits of my lathe, so you can push the limits of your ass.  We are now accepting orders for custom work in sizes up to 2-3/4 inches wide.  warning, these fat boys will cost a bit more,  but you can "bet your ass" it's worth it.


To the left :Another custom ass toy..   lets call it the "John"











This  custom plug is about  2-3/4  inches at the widest part, and 3 inches wide at the base.

Lets call this style.. the "Disco ass plug"  why not?






I hate to do it.. but I will make custom toys in Aluminum. here are a few examples

This heavy Aluminum toy is around 2-3/4 inches in diameter (everything needs a name... lets call this the "ass bomb")















below is the end product created in aluminum (shown approximately actual size)  I call it the SW2002.  

Damn sassy,  don't ya'  think !!

next up... something special... I like to call it the

 Ass Grommet (code name: Iggy) 


the Ass Grommet was a special request from the spouse of the person who purchased the above plug...  ( I have been corrected.. she is not the spouse.. she is the "pelvic affiliate").  A specific request such as an  ass plug with a large opening through it is  just the sort of challenging work that we thrive on, here at the Big Head






this ass plug is created in clear acrylic   

    the cost of custom work isn't cheap... prices start around $60 smackeroos depending on materials, details, and personal whim (this piece cost a bit more... it was a bitch !)   




 and did the client  like it?


we got the custom piece on Friday, and tried it today.  We love it, it is
exactly what we asked you to make for us.....    .... we are very happy with
your work, and the fact that you made it for us fast.

Iggy plus

This is the Iggy Plus, a custom design created to ease insertion... the elves at the shop have crafted a plug within a plug.  The inner plug is held in place by two rubber "O" rings.  The idea here is that the two plugs go in together for a smoother insertion, then the inner plug is removed.... Why?.. well i have no idea.. and NO ! i don't want to know !!

Dear Scott -- Iggy arrived today. He is everything I hoped he would be. Am I going to see this design on your Web Site? I suspect I am not the only one who has an interest in this sort of thing. I hope you had as much fun making it , as I am going to have using it.   Thanks, 

.... Yet another example of the custom work we thrive on here  at the studio.  Remember, if you have the money... we can build it !!!


And now for something completely different

this is the latest wacky creation... don't blame me.. this was a request from a new client...     

this plug is about 4-1/2 inches long, and almost 2 inches wide..  you will notice that there is a hollowed out space in the head,  to hold frozen liquids.. and a thin hole drilled through to the base.. so that melting liquids will drip out...


    This piece is lovingly crafted by the happy elves at the studio.  The plug, was machined from a solid piece of cast acrylic,  and given a mat finish.

A little more information to explain the above device... this is a direct cut and paste from the "designer"

I will tell you that it does look like it will work and suit my purposes. Now to a few points that you should know. I would like you to change what is posted on the sight when you mention the plug. It is not a wacky idea at all I wish you could explain the reason for it. At a wife contacted you looking for a plug of this design because she had heard of you and the good work that you do. I would just as you did with the one just above the reason for it and the use. The reason is for her husband who with this plug will experience what a women goes through with her period flow. That the cavity will be filled with a mixture that will be frozen and it will leak out when it unfreezes during the day. He will have to deal with this flow as any women would, this is to educate him about one's period.

and this is the second version on the same concept..  

 this plug has a smaller (3/4 wide) hole,  allowing for more of a taper... and it has been heat polished, to give it a clear surface.






The little plug on the right is the "Tangie"   at just under an inch thick,   it is the perfect starter plug.  The larger plug is almost a full two inches wide...   


any plug can be adapted to become a flogger handle...  just ask !!


thinks to think about:

material.. acrylic or aluminum ( I hate aluminum, and will have to charge you accordingly)

size... how long, how wide..  

what shape.. 

smooth or bumpy.. 

how thick and long is the "neck" ( you know.. the thin area near the base)







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