Qualitest Prednisone 6 Day Dose Pack Directions

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Issue #25                                                                                                                            October, 2004

    Here is the text of an article that I wrote for that sassy, fetish, fashion, art, magazine "Secret" ..    


Liquid Latex How To:

    For many fans of latex, the thought of painting on a sexy second skin is nothing more than a fantasy.  In the past, the process has been difficult, with multiple coats, and extended drying times.  Mastering the technique has been a deterrent for many who want to work with this fantastic medium.  I present here a simple "Liquid Latex How To" in an effort to relive the worry of working with this great product. 
    Latex is a natural substance "Tapped" from the trunk of the Hevea Brazilians tree.  To this, ammonia is added as a preservative when it is shipped from the plantation.  It is this ammonia that accounts for the unpleasant smell associated with Liquid Latex.  As a matter of fact it is this aroma that tells us that we are working with a quality product,  as some of the lesser manufactures water down the latex to improve profit.  A watered down product is not only a poor value in terms of economics,  but also drying time, as it takes more coats to build up a substantial layer.  It is for these reasons that I recommend a premium product when decorating a model with latex,  she will appreciate the quicker drying time, and you can devote more time to capturing the image.   
    The first step to a successful application is to check with the model for allergies to latex,  the model will usually know if she has had a problem with latex items in the past.  If the model has a latex allergy she should not use the product.  When in doubt, it is recommended that a small test patch be applied to the inner arm and observed for a period of time,  if an irritation develops,  the product should not be used. 
    The recommended work space for working with latex, is a smooth floor or over a tarp. Latex will stick to, and ruin carpeting and fabric that it comes in contact with,  but will simply peal off any smooth surface such as a linoleum floor or skin. 
    If any hair is present on the body it should be removed, as Liquid Latex forms a tenacious bond to any surface that is not smooth, be it hair, fabric or carpeting.   I recommend shaving a few hours before the application as not to irritate freshly shaven skin.  If there are fine hairs on the model, such as might be found around the nape of the neck, often a coat of body lotion will act as an aid to removal.  For models with sensitive skin, I will slather them all over with lotion to ease removal,  its not a requirement,  but it is  fun !
    Once the model has been prepared the "painting" can begin.  I recommend inexpensive disposable foam paint brushes, as there is no practical way to clean them at the end of the project.  Great results can be accomplished with simple kitchen sponges cut or torn into shape, and used like a rubber stamp on the body,  a great way to create Leopard spots!!  Lets not forget the most expressive tool of all,  the human hand.  Nothing is as satisfying as finger painting.
    When working with Liquid latex it is important to work quickly, and smoothly, overworking the product will cause it to become streaked and loose the smooth glossy finish we are going for.  Additional coats can be applied after the previous one has dried to the touch,  but when working with an extra thick "premium" product it is often unnecessary. 
    Drying time will depend on ambient temperature, air circulation, and humidity.  As the latex begins to cure the ammonia smell will dissipate and it will change color, darkening and loosing the pastel quality.  Another exciting element of working with latex,  it shrinks around 1% as it cures so it is actually tighter than "skin tight"
    The last step to the process is to polish the cured latex with a high quality latex polish,  or if a slicker look is required, I recommend a silicone based personal lubricant.  A silicone lubricant will allow more comfort to the wearer, as well as prevent the latex from sticking to itself in areas where it comes in contact with itself such as the thighs. 
    Removal of the product is easy, and becomes easier the longer it is worn, as the skin is constantly perspiring and shedding cells.  Simply grab an edge of the latex, and begin peeling.
    Liquid Latex is a medium that warrants further exploration, and I hope this simple "how to" will inspire you to indulge a sticky, slick fantasy.
 Scott Bonelli is President of Big Head Studio, a manufacturer of Custom "toys" and Premium Liquid Latex.  Liquid Latex can be ordered online at www.BigHeadStudio.com .



    the fine photographs that accompany the article were created by my friend Steven Speliotis.  The fine model is Violet..  I would like to thank them both for their generous help with this project

  click here to see more photos from the shoot.. 






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