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The folks at Benicar Cheap (Benicar), Benicar Mg - thought, for some odd reason, that including the Big Head in an article about what's sexy in Providence would be a good idea..   well it also appears that they are darn smart, and a little sassy to boot,  so without further adieu here is an excerpt from the article .....

Take A Walk On The Sexy Side

Behind the Main Street storefronts and suburban cul de sacs, Rhode Island is brimming with a number of people who take pleasure in their work of providing pleasure for others. Just peel back the exterior and you'll find an interesting mix of sexy and sensual options catering to countless desires.

Imagination meets mechanics
Scott Bonelli is the man behind Cranston's Big Head Studio ( After trading several emails, he informs me he's home working in the garden and I could stop by for an interview. As I pull up I know I have the right place when I spot the newly installed pond on the side of the house.
I take a seat on the tapestry-upholstered sofa and look around. Little bikini tops and panties imprinted with "slut" and "spank me" sit alongside a heart-shaped paddle on his coffee table. On the floor, a black suitcase bulging with brightly colored toys catch my attention. My eyes quickly move to the walls, a rich burgundy color contrasts perfectly to the original Craftsman style woodworking. But on to the subject at hand. I wasn't here to do a piece for This Old House; then again, it was a story about an industry which utilizes battery operated tools, just in slightly different ways.
Big Head Studio makes sex toys and accessories, most of which are custom made to order. So how does one get into this field? With a background in theater and prop design, of course. Scott started out in the theater, most recently working for Trinity Rep, but now follows a more entrepreneurial course.
He hands me a Coke and explains that he made his first accessories back in college: a pretty matching cuff and collar set for a friend who was just entering the world of S&M. Over the years he began to experiment with different materials and designs, and now offers a line that is anything but the usual. While many of the toys, accessories, whips, and clothing made for fetish consumers are black leather, his have a less serious, playful feel to them.
He shows me the pink, heart-shaped paddle. It's acrylic plastic with the word "slut" carved out. Then he whips out, pardon my pun, a selection of floggers all made from different materials like acrylic, plastic, and metal in various colors. One even has tassels that glow in the dark.
Why this line of work? "I'm an enabler," Scott says. He enjoys helping turn people's fantasy into reality. But as he points out, "it's not all sex and perversion." He shows me sketches people have given him, one of a butt plug scribbled on a napkin. From these primitive drawings he creates 3D objects. His spends his day like a designer or craftsman, as opposed to one of a XXX film star.
And when I ask what he likes about his job, he responds that he "enjoys watching people's ideas evolve from idea to creation." It's the theatrical element too - people dressing up, playing roles, and playing out their fantasies with his designs. But he definitely has fun, too.
When I visit his booth at the Fetish Flea Market in Boston several days later, I find him dressed in a tropical print shirt and khaki shorts, with his long brown hair pulled back in a ponytail. The way he beckons the crowd is reminiscent of a 19th century circus barker as he describes the Luv Seat, a mechanical chair meant to bend and twist to make every sexual position possible.
"Girls, guys, let me and my lovely assistant show you how it works. It's hydraulic, move it up, down... it gives your partner something to grab onto so you can get good leverage."
He's animated as he explains the chair's features and he and his booth assistant, a blonde woman dressed in one of his bikini tops and a plaid schoolgirl's skirt, demonstrate. And like a perfect salesman, he gets the crowd involved and asks for volunteers to have a go.
But his acts at shows are just that, a sales pitch. He travels the show circuit working the crowd, trying to get them excited about his stuff. He points out that while it's enjoyable work, it's still work. Unlike what those dirty minds at home might think, he rarely uses his own toys.

Shaping the illusion
While I'm at the Flea Market I stop by the booth of Mark and Dorothy Nevelow. The two are owners of The Other Woman (, a corset and dressmaking business run out of the basement of an unassuming house in the suburban East Bay. I catch them at a very busy moment while they and their two booth assistants are all fitting women for corsets.
While most of the vendors at the event are dressed in black vinyl or leather, Mark has on a white button down shirt and black pants and Dorothy is wearing a matching dress and corset made from a playful patterned fabric. The merchandise reflects this alternative to the alternative, as they have several racks of corsets that range from feminine brocade and tapestry to whimsical patterns. The clothing stands out among the others simply because it's not as extreme. In fact, many of the pieces are downright girly and flirty looking.
I watch as several women of all shapes and sizes get laced up. The transformation happens almost immediately as they watch the process in front of the mirror. Their waists get cinched, cleavage enhanced, and posture perfected. Every case is the same - there is an "ooh" or "ah" from the women and, in many cases, boyfriends who are watching light up and smile.
Then it's my turn. It is Mark that quickly sizes me up and comes back with a black brocade corset. As he wraps the garment around my torso and starts lacing me up I initially feel like I'm getting a back massage. I experience the sensation of each lace as it tightens. When the garment is fully laced there is an overall compression from my breasts to my hips, and I'm more aware of my breathing, my body, my figure, and my posture.
When I meet with the two later on that week they explain the physical process behind the illusion. Dorothy, a pattern maker, or more accurately, a master draper, goes into anatomical detail.
"The organs of the female body are built to move around because of child bearing, and there is room for compression." She shows me a pattern and demonstrates how it fits on the body. The garment can be tighter in the area under the ribcage. This flesh can be compressed, forming a smaller waist. But the corset is straight along the back and kidney areas. To form the illusion of serious cleavage, the corset pushes every inch of flesh along the ribs and breasts upwards, giving even someone with a small A cup a décolleté.
Though corsets have historically been painful, and even considered degrading to women, Dorothy, who has a background in theater costume making, explains why her approach is different. Her work in the theater made it absolutely necessary that pieces be comfortable and functional. She has designed for stage actors and opera singers, meaning they needed to have beautiful pieces that allowed them to do their job. As an apprentice, she learned how to pattern corsets to get the best overall shape without the pain. Now the majority of her clients are people involved in the fetish scene who choose to play dress up and engage in fantasy on their own terms.
She acknowledges that the perfect hourglass look that adorns the pages of women's magazines is unattainable to most except, "those genetic anomalies that are supermodels." But in her defense, she did not create this trend and in contemporary society a corseted figure is not the norm.
"I'm not forcing anyone to look a certain way. I'm giving women the option to feel sexy by wearing something they can simply take off at the end of the night."


special thanks to Kristin Amico for the article that didn't make me sound like a doofuss.. and to ace photographer Kirsten Detec for photos that don't make me look fat... (dear god i sound gay, dont i ??)











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