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a fun bit of press from National Geographic....  

      I was scheduled to paint hot babes with latex for the "Baroness's Royal Amusements" on Sept 5th 2003 in NYC... and the nice folks at national Geographic thought I might be a fun addition to the piece they were doing for the TV show "Taboo"...   but they decided not to air the segment , damn it !! 

Here are the photos from the preparation, for the pix from the actual event click  the "Royal Amusements"  photos in the event photos section.  

This sexy harlequin is "Goddess Sophia" you can see more of the "goddess" on the "Royal Amusements" page.






















If you would like to hire Mayan for a modeling assignment you can find her contact information here 

we could be some sort of kinky super heroes ... Harlequin, Splatter, Dork, and Nun  the "League of Extraordinary Lesbians"  

    also known as Sophia, Myan, Dork, and Tienne.





"who is the hot babe in the Tiara", you ask...   well its my dear friend Princess Kali  ...visit her site, she is perhaps the hottest  babe on the internet.. she is all about foot worship, and male subjugation.  I have been a happy Member of her site for the past 2 years,  and I have to tell you that this is one site that wont let you down.  Oh the stories I could tell...  its a whole new world of discipline inside the "members area".         .. and be sure to tell her Scott said "Hi"




New York flashers                            New York super freak

Oh Taxi....

Tienne, is fun, sexy, sassy, and a little goofy, all rolled up into one and  is just the most fun to work with.. if you would like to book her ( or her Sexy Toes) for an assignment, visit her One Model Place profile: or visit her personal web site  


 I assume we are all respectful of photos of others, and will ask first.. I know I would hate to have another photo of me flying around the web, and end up on some sleazy site , with some celebrity's  face photo-shopped onto my sexy ass...  ( and I cant tell you how many times that has happened to me).  thanks again to all of you for helping me out with this project, you made it fun for me, and you all looked damn sassy !!   ...and thanks to Steven for taking most of these photos while I was sticky !! 










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