Side Effects Of Lexapro Combined With Wellbutrin

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wellbutrin sr discussion board


  B.H.S. is now producing paddles in assorted wacky shapes and colors 


 little heart smackers...

 a deceiving little toy in the shape of a heart...

oh sure it looks innocent, but it packs a sharp blow..  this little gem is crafted from polished aluminum and looks sharp when worn out as an accessory,  tucked between a pair of well rounded breasts,  but look out when she starts smackin'  


I had decided that  I wanted to build a toy that looked like no other, one that would look great under club lighting as well as look fierce up close and personal.  I think that I have achieved that goal

all of the "Big One" paddles are hand crafted from 3/4 inch clear Plexiglas... they are solid and heavy, but don't let that scare you.  they come in two sizes.. a "short" and a "long".. anyone under 5'-5"would be happier with a "short"...they are only a bit shorter but it does effect the balance.  the short are also great for those with wrist problems, like carpal tunnel syndrome.

The added weight and solid feel of the paddle is a thing of beauty. remember this is not a whip, or a crop...  you are not flipping it with your wrist... the paddle is a smacking device... use it as an extension of your arm, and you will come to appreciate the value of precise weight and balance

the paddles were designed with the help of friends.  after several nights of "test drives" and a bit of user feedback, I came upon the idea of altering the lengths to better serve the spanker... not to worry, most spankees agree that the length/weight difference is not a difference worth noting.

the paddles not only look great, but they hold up well to daily use.. the paddles are guaranteed against a human target.. if a paddle fails while you are spanking ass.. I will refund your money... but you will understand that I would also have to have you arrested as well.   

    they are tough...enough said !

the paddles come in a few different "looks"  all smooth.  lines, or dots, on the face, handle, or both.. pick a style, then the length, long or short?? and send a money order... not too tough !

 Big Head Studio is pleased to announce that the cool folks known as MORE MACHINE THAN MAN.. perhaps the sexiest fetish, industrial band in the free world,  have chosen to use a BIG HEAD STUDIOS  paddle on the cover of the CD release "ROBOT".

the paddles come in a few different "looks"  all smooth,  lines, or dots, on the face, handle, or both.. pick a style, then the length, long or short?? and send a money order... not too tough !



the above photo shows two versions of the same paddle.. above: frosted edge,   below: polished edge


We at the big head pride ourselves on not blushing..  come to us with an idea.. and we can make it happen !  

Just send me an idea, a request, or an actual design (sketch it on a napkin, if you must..)  and it will be crafted especially for you...

    a specific request such as a "Spanking Knife" is  just the sort of challenging work that we thrive on, here at the Big Head

    the cost of custom work isn't cheap... prices start around $60 smackeroos depending on materials, details, time frame, and personal whim !!


    The Story:

Hey Scott, 

    here is the design, ...Anyway, it is a big-ass knife-looking paddle.  The story behind it is that I may go to the BR Halloween party as Alice, with my pelvic affiliate being the Queen of Hearts... but it is the Alice from the computer game, so she's got more of a Goth looking, and slashes the rest of the characters left and right...  anyway, just another wacky toy/story... you know us.  If you had that for BR, then I had no other option than going as Alice...  let me know if the design/timeline is feasible.


    I received this request via e-mail on the 26th of October, at 10:48 pm..  the project is complete and ready to ship on October, 27  at 12:05pm.... that is concept to completion in 12hours and 16 min. (don't forget an hour of missed sleep due to daylight savings time)


and did the client  like it?

it is great.  Once more, you've done it! And the bevel
looks awesome too.







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photo credit: top George F. Weinstein,  bottom Scott Bonelli

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