Voltaren Contradiction

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Latex Photos
Biscuit Dip

I'm a big fan of all things shiny.. and liquid latex is just one of those things.. but I had been frustrated with the thin watery products that have been available.. so I have decided to take the bull by its latex covered horns, and produce a product sassy enough to wear the Big Head Studio label.

 We now  have available a special new Super Premium liquid latex...

This great new latex will be produced in several colors, at the moment I'm producing Yellow, Purple, Black, Blue, Nude/ Amber, White, Pink and Red and its packaged in 16oz. wide mouth jars.  A little will go a long way, as this Latex is Super Thick..   the price is more than what you would expect to pay for a jar of the thin stuff,  $25.  A pint should be enough to cover the average girl a complete "cat-suit".


Click HERE to read a simple Cheap Voltaren For Sale (Voltaren), Voltaren Contradiction - bigheadstudio.com "How To" that I wrote for issue #25 of "Secret" Magazine.

...and for plenty of Latex photos to inspire you , check out the demo page

Special thanks to the Big Head Studio models: Mayan Lee, Molly Heartbreaker, Amy, Tangie, Elle (twice), Athena and Tienne. 

If you would like to hire Mayan for a modeling assignment you can find her contact information here 

For more information on Molly Heartbreaker, visit her site 

Tienne, is fun, sexy, sassy, and a little goofy, all rolled up into one and  is just the most fun to work with.. if you would like to book her ( or her Sexy Toes) for an assignment, visit her One Model Place profile 

To find out more information about my fabulous label designer, visit Davis Designs.



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