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Big Head Studio has created several new items for our line of floggers...  these are just as sassy as you would expect... 

    Toys like this are best put to use, by dragging them across the surface of your victim..... you may find yourself tempted to "flog" your victim, just be sure to use care... and practice on yourself first..  ball chain is heavy... and the hornet is sharp. ... it is quite easy to go over the top with items such as these 

    Don't forget, any of our butt plugs can be adapted to become a flogger handle...    (see the acrylic butt plug  page for a photo)

     Just call and ask...   after all , I do love custom orders

prices depend on details... but they cost between $55. and $35.

.. for flogging with an "edge"    

    this is a new favorite toy among the wild and wacky world of edge players...  we call it the "blade"  ..its two toys, in one!

    The "Blade" is a flogger with a special bonus one end of the 9 inch clear acrylic handle,  lies a blade.   the blade is sharp enough to scratch,  but probably not sharp enough to actually cut.   

    .. as always, i make no guarantee, so please play with care .. you are an adult are responsible!

    this new toy has 9  strands of our favorite ball chain on the other end .. just in case you were interested

the cost of this new beauty .... 30 big ones...   

the MOP

    this toy was designed with the typical, more is better approach many fans of the Big Head line of sassy sex tools have asked for more weight, more chain.... just more of that smooth feeling.  and would you believe it ...  the Big Head is here to please!

    the Mop is more of a sensation tool than a traditional flogger... it has a short, thick handle, and loads of ball chain, ( 40+ strands)  

    this tool is way too heavy for flogging your partner,  but it is perfect as a warm up, or cool off tool.  the heavy fluid movement is the perfect thud against her panties.... imagine all of that cool shiny ball chain luxuriously cascading over her collar bone, or perhaps pooling in the small of her back

    Price for this labor intensive, thuddy, bad boy ???    $85 

"Marabou Flogger"

Why rule with an "Iron Fist" when you have a "Velvet Glove"?

    This fine flogger is as sassy as they come, with its 10 inch clear handle thrust into a tight bundle of fluffy Marabou, we have devised the ultimate "sensation toy".  The "fuzzy" end of this great new toy consists of 3 "loops" of either RED or BLACK Marabou Boa.

A Marabou flogger is best used, by dragging across the victims skin.  The light touch of this feather Boa flogger is enough to tame the savage beast,  and makes for the perfect "warm up" or "cool down" tool.

This toy is NOT for Beating..  Make Love, Not War !

   The price for a slice of heaven,  a rather reasonable $40, (or $75 a pair).  



Clasic Ball Chain

  the floggers are crafted with thick Plexiglas handles, on the dumb end,  and several yards of chrome chain on the business end...  a particularly devious pairing of materials... the ball chain gets quite cold, if the toy is "accidentally" left in the refrigerator overnight, yet the handle remains comfortable to the touch....  the floggers come in a variety of thicknesses  and a variety of chain lengths...    

    toys like this are best put to use, by dragging them across the surface of your victim...they are heavy...  and they remain  cool to the touch for a long time.... you may find yourself tempted to "flog" your victim, just be sure to use care... and practice on yourself first ... it is quite easy to go over the top with an item such as this 



Anafranil Cost (Anafranil), Anafranil 10mg - can be ordered with the chain and handle in almost any length..

This detail shows how each end of the ball chain is individually secured into the clear handle

and as if that were not enough...

the new twisty handle

The new twisty handle is only available in clear... but its still damn sassy, don't ya' think?  prices depend on details... but they cost between $55. and $35.

 the Hornet

   Yellow, and Black, and packs a sharp sting.  ( twenty six sharp stings to be precise )  

    What makes this item so special, is that the business end is comprised of rather stiff,  Square plastic filament,  giving you four corners, per strand....    the strands are like straw, but easier to keep clean.       .....ouch !!

one word for it ..SASSY!   (and a steal at $25)







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