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    April 2, 2en-usen-us4:  PADDLES  , a NYC S&M club located at: 25en-us West 26th Street (Bet: 7th/8th Ave) ... We shared the bill with photographer Steven Speliotis .


I was assisted by the Oh- so-sexy "Delilah Filth"... Imported from my favorite "penal colony" Australia.  She brought to the presentation, her quick wit, cute accent, and her willingness to get naked for complete strangers... 

    I was charmed!



"The latex presentation was super fun (especially the parts that
involved Natasha >:)  ...      ...I'll be playing with that stuff again soon!  "

Julie ( attendee) 




First the red latex "trim" is painted on, once it has begun to dry,  the black area is filed in. 


















Why the glaring "hole" in the photographic progression???... somewhere around this point, "Delilah" fainted...  she just fell to the floor.    (perhaps the wig was too tight?)




























If you would like to see more of the delightful Delilah.. check out her new web site... www.delilahfilth.com (it will  be up and running shortly.. )










Wow, Great Demo! It had all the right ingredients: Humor, knowledge, and beautiful women. Scott is a natural entertainer and very knowledgeable about liquid latex. He got the audience involved and the time just flew by. We would love to have him back again.

Bob H - Co-founder Dom/Sub Friends, NYC


Asia Bondage & Liquid Latex -Steven Speliotis & Scott Bonelli

Date: Friday - April en-us2, 2en-usen-us4
Time: PM - 1en-us:45 PM
Place: #25en-us West 26th Street (bet: 7th & 8th Ave.)
Contact Phone: 1-718-796-9888
Contact Email: info@DomSubFriends.com

*Demo/Topic:  Liquid Latex - Scott Bonelli
*Friday - April 2nd at Paddles Dungeon:
*Address: #25en-us West 26th Street (bet: 7th & 8th Ave.)
*Time: 9 PM - 1en-us:45 PM (doors open 8:45 PM)

The presentation:

    Liquid latex demonstration "A SEXY SECOND SKIN" topics will include: Skin preparation, and clean-up, Proper application tools and methods, Latex as both fetish attire, and bondage medium Sensation play, and "Head Space" Latex polishing Removal.

    This presentation includes limited audience participation:
Models Wanted: Please contact Scott: Scott@BigHeadStudio.com if you would like to participate in this demonstration.
Liquid Latex Presenter:

    Scott Bonelli heads up the Rhode Island-based Big Head Studio, a purveyor of custom sex toys and accessories.

    Scott is a self-described "tactile fetishist" and has turned his fascination with all things shiny into his latest passion: Liquid Latex. Scott can be found selling his wares and conducting latex workshops at many fetish events throughout the U.S.
Including: the Boston "Fetish Fleamarket," the Crucible and Black Rose, in Washington, DC, T.E.S. events in New York City, as well as events in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New Jersey, and Dallas, Texas. National Geographic's Television Show, "TABOO" will be featuring Scott's "Liquid Latex" artistry in an upcoming episode.





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