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August 7, 2004

FFF LogoNew England Leather Alliance's Fetish Fair   (tm) is the largest fetish/leather/BDSM event in New England. Come join  vendors for an afternoon of browsing, shopping, and socializing with leather folk, fetish fans, and SM players of all persuasions.


"Thank you for presenting. Your demo got rave reviews!"  Cecilia Tan, event coordinator

I was asked to present a 45 minute Liquid Latex demonstration for the fine folks in Boston... and here are a few photos of my lovely "Booth Bunnies"  who were kind enough to allow themselves to be slathered in latex, in an attempt to educate the unwashed masses in the joys of Big Head Studio Liquid Latex.



The demo was well attended. I was told that it was the best attended demo of the event.. ( I stopped counting at around 140..  )  The demo went over well,  with plenty of cute naked chicks, ...and no one was injured,  what more could you ask for..   

"Thanks so much for presenting you were a big hit." Vivienne Kramer,
Chair, NELA

we are showing off a little leg here.. thanks to










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