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Side Show Props
Cell Phone

Big Head Studio, has built properties for the stage, as well as for corporate events.   click below to see examples of the work done for such fine theatres as Trinity Repertory Theatre in Providence RI,  and the Wilma Theatre In Philadelphia  PA., as well as other various and assorted projects

The Big Head

the company gets its name from this project..  a rather large foam sculpture .. we call him big gay Dave ..a project for the Wilma theatre, in Philadelphia  PA

This Mannequin was built for Vocollect.

we like to think of mike as Dave's straight brother.. not so big,  but twice as butch. "mike" the mannequin was conceived by the folks at FIRE BRAND

Mr. Happy Singin' Dancin' Cell Phone Guy

a mascot for the cellular one company

Plexiglas podium



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